Really Really Great, Adric


That's Great, Adric is one of a trillion Doctor Who podcasts that can be found on the Interweb. Some people may tell you TGA is much the same as a large percentage of those trillion Doctor Who podcasts. And you wouldn't anger Adric by believing those people. Adric wouldn't blame you for entertaining their negativity.

... except that those people would be lying to you.

That's Great, Adric is Light years ahead and far superior to most every Doctor Who podcast you can find. (Adric recognizes and reccomends Radio Free Skaro, Reality Bomb, and the on-hiatus 2 Minute TimeLord podcasts.)

But quality isn't the only difference between TGA and your run-of-the-mill Doctor Who podcast. Nay, TGA is unique because of Adric. Sure, one might question if Adric is even in the studio (one would not get a straight answer but one is more than welcome to question). However, once you've listened to That's Great, Adric, there should be no doubt that Adric is absolutely in studio... in spirit and very likely in person. It really seems as though he loves to podcast. At the very least, it can be said confidently that he enjoys listening to other people podcast while he plays his GameBoy.

That's Great, Adric is the audio streaming show that analyzes and reviews Doctor Who Stories, both Modern and Classic.

It is the program that researches the story-tellers, writers, producers, performers and the monsters that make Doctor Who the longest running and most successful science fiction television program of all time.

TGA is the podcast that looks at the big picture of Doctor Who, the BBC, the United Kingdom and the state of science-fiction.

TGA examines the concepts and executions of the timeless stories that Doctor Who tells and has told to generations of people just like you.

That's Great, Adric is a bi-weekly Doctor Who podcast brought to you by ActionPacked!Podcasts. Adric appears fully in thanks to a hush-hush, backroom deal cut with The 5th Doctor shortly before the events of Earthshock.

Give That's Great, Adric a listen, and by doing so, give Adric a sense of purpose. He doesn't speak, write, edit or come up with ideas; but otherwise, Adric could very well be the greatest Podcast co-host in ALL of Space and Time.

And that...

That's Great, Adric...

Really... really... Great...

That's Great, Adric is an ActionPacked!Production

Hosted by SeannieWan Kenobi, Adric, Ser Barristan the Bold: The Brave Chinchilla Warrior, and sometimes Daisy Belle: The Queen of Dogs.

Researched and Written by Sean Block

Produced by Sean Block for ActionPacked!Podcasts

Edited by Sean Block